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East Troy Fire & Rescue is dedicated to protecting the communities we serve by providing the highest level of fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical services 24/7/365. 
Emergency calls are received and dispatched by the Walworth County Sheriff's Department Dispatch Center who then alerts our department of the emergency via pagers carried by all members.

Q. Why is there a normal car/truck driving with a red light flashing and a siren blaring?
A. Those are department members responding to an emergency call from either work or home. Because we are not a full-time department, our members give up their free time to answer the call when an emergency occurs. We are just trying to get to the firehouse or sometimes directly to the scene of the emergency as quickly as possible to help the person(s) in need. So if you see a car coming with a red light and siren on, please safely pull to the side and let us pass. Someone's life may depend on it.

Q. Why is there an SUV from Mukwonago Fire Department responding to East Troy?
A. We call for Mukwonago Fire Department's Paramedic team when someone having a medical emergency needs advanced life support care or pain medication that our department is not licensed to administer.

Q. Why are there fire trucks from other departments at fires in East Troy?
A. When there is a large fire additional resources of equipment and manpower are needed to supplement. Fighting a fire is exhausting work so when you see other departments and it looks like they're just standing around, they are just standing-by to take over when a working crew tires out.

Q. What do the different firefighter helmet colors mean?
A. White helmet - Chief/Assistant Chief
      Red helmet - Captain/Lieutenant
      Black helmet - Firefighter

Q. Are tours of the firehouse allowed?
A. Absolutely! Just call 262-642-7439 to schedule a tour.

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